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We've just added 4 new events to our summer calendar! Join us on Thursday Bike Nights at Streetside 62! For all of our upcoming events visit Source … [Read More...]

Flickinger Legal Group: Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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Fighting for Victims of Motorcycle Crashes in Central Ohio

Most motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers who fail to share the road or keep their eyes open for motorcyclists. These moments of negligence often lead to years of treatment and recovery on the part of the injured motorcyclist. Do not get stuck paying for this medical treatment on your own. Seek out an experienced Columbus motorcycle accident lawyer to help you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. 


Columbus, Ohio, Auto Collision Injury Lawyer Handling All Aspects of Your Claim

For accurate answers to these and other important questions, it is crucial to discuss your situation with an experienced Columbus car accident attorney. At the Law Office of Russell Flickinger in Columbus, I have more than 25 years of legal experience and have earned the trust of injury victims throughout Central Ohio for my skilled legal representation and dedication to my clients. Call (614) 944-5055 or e-mail me for a free initial consultation.


Trucking Accident: Seeking Justice for Individuals Injured in Trucking Wrecks in Ohio

The last thing you want to be worried about after a truck accident is how to handle insurance companies. You need to be able to entrust your legal concerns to an experienced attorney while you focus on getting better.


Injury at Work

  Let’s talk a little bit about the scenario where you are injured at work.  You have a Worker’s Comp accident but you also have a claim against the person that injured you.  Now, this is normally going to occur where the person that injured you is not a … [Read More...]

An Injury That Causes You To Be Unable To Work

Let’s talk about a scenario where you sustained an injury and it significantly impacts on your ability to earn a living.  We have numerous cases where people can never return to the occupation that they had before.  Truck drivers, construction workers, people who are … [Read More...]

Receiving Adequate Medical Treatment

Let’s talk a little bit about your medical treatment.  Let’s use this example.  Let’s say you are sitting on a traffic light and somebody runs in to the back into your vehicle.  You go to the emergency room, take some x-rays.  They give you some pain medication.  They tell … [Read More...]

Full insurance coverage and understanding your insurance policy

  It is very important to know what insurance coverage you have. Insurance policies have many provisions preventing you from recovering when you may think you should be able. When purchasing an insurance policy, it is important to determine when you will and when you … [Read More...]

When Minors are Involved in Accidents

Let’s talk about a situation where someone under 18 is injured in an accident.  They are considered a minor.  Those cases are handled a little bit differently when it comes to settlement.  InOhio, someone under 18 can’t enter into a contract.  You can’t really own any … [Read More...]

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

In Ohio, every driver is required to have liability insurance at state minimum amounts, ($12,500 per person/ $25,000 per accident). Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is not mandated by Ohio law.  In this day and age with the economy in trouble people often are more … [Read More...]

Medical Negligence Claims in Ohio

I would like to you today a little bit about medical negligence.  In this country, statistics bare out that there are a lot of individuals who are injured due to negligent care by a medical professional.  Each state normally has specific statute on medical malpractice.  Let … [Read More...]

Ohio Dog Bite Lawyer

      Let’s talk a little bit about dog bites.  I grew up on a farm in the middle of Pennsylvania.  We had dogs all the time.  I have been a dog owner all my life and I have to admit that I love dogs.  The problem you run into though are dog owners.  … [Read More...]

Understanding A Slip and Fall Claim

Let’s talk about slip and falls.  Now, these are really tough cases.  Basically, in order to have a slip and fall case, you have got to show that the owner of the property or the person responsible for maintaining the property knew or should have known that a hazard existed … [Read More...]