Personal injury law firm Jul15

Personal injury law firm

Are you in need of a personal injury law firm? Have you or a loved one been in a car, truck or motorcycle accident? Perhaps you have suffered from a dog bite, medical negligence, or wrongful death event. Please call the Flickinger Legal Group today and speak with Justin or Russ about your free, no obligation consultation. [caption...

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Russ Flickinger Motorcycle Accident Attorney Jul14

Russ Flickinger Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Have questions on the litigation process? Watch Attorney Russ's video on youtube where he explains what to expect. [caption id="attachment_4939" align="aligncenter" width="479"] motorcycle accident attorney Russ Flickinger[/caption] Motorcycle Accident Attorney The Flickinger Legal Group, LLC is a personal ...

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Red Light Camera Apr21

Red Light Camera

Do you remember the red light cameras? They might be making a comeback. Read this article to find out more. "State law passed in 2014 forbids the use of traffic or red light cameras without the presence of a police officer. Now, Dayton police are attempting to overturn the restrictions a...

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Attorney Justin Flickinger Mar31

Attorney Justin Flickinger

Justin Flickinger is a partner at the Flickinger Legal Group, LLC. His schooling includes a finance and marketing degree from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He attended Capital law school in Columbus, Ohio and completed the Ohio bar exam in July, 2012. Justin has ...

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Trials Mar23


Let’s talk a little bit about trials. You’re injured in an accident and you come into the office. We try to settle with insurance company and they are unreasonable, so we have to file a lawsuit. What does that mean? Let me give you a little idea just so you have some information ...

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Medical Treatment Mar09

Medical Treatment

Let’s talk a little bit about receiving adequate medical treatment.  Let’s use this example.  Let’s say you are sitting on a traffic light and somebody runs in to the back into your vehicle.  You go to the emergency room and take some x-rays.  They give you...

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Wrongful death case Mar06

Wrongful death case

One of the areas of practice the Flickinger Legal Group, LLC handles are wrongful death cases. There is nothing more difficult than representing on behalf of someone who has died as a result of an automobile accident, swimming accident, or amusement park accident.  It’s always ve...

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65 roses Mar06

65 roses

The Flickinger Legal Group will be holding a Poker Run on July 8th to benefit Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis. All funds raised will be donated to the charity the day of the event. No production costs will be taken out of the money raised. We want to share this story with you. "The “65 Roses...

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So You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer Feb06

So You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Signing up with a lawyer can be scary. You Google “personal injury lawyer” because something extremely bad has happened to you, either a car accident, some form of medical negligence, or maybe a dog attacked your child. Either way, you need help. You cannot handl...

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