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The Flickinger Legal Group, LLC is a personal injury law firm that resides at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. We are dedicated to helping you with your dog bite, car accident, or slip and fall injury. We are also bikers ourselves, and thus are proud to serve the motorcycle community as motorcycle accident attorneys

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We sponsor several bike nights in and around Central, Ohio. We are bikers ourselves, and thus heavily involved in the biker community as motorcycle accident lawyers.

motorcycle accident attorney
Motorcycle accident attorney counting the poker run donation money

Working on the final figures for the cystic fibrosis poker run; we are at $12,655 and still have money from Quaker steak and lube up for the outdoor beer sales, we should top over $ 13,000; a big thanks to all who attended our event and a special thanks to all of the people who donated back their winnings; a 12-year-old boy won $895 in the 50-50 and donated it back; one of the first prize winners donated a $1000 prize; several other winners also donated back their money for a total donated back of $2670; I was truly taken aback when they told us to donate it back to the cystic fibrosis foundation; I apologize for any problems with the poker run and in our tardiness in auctioning the items for sale; I take full responsibility for any of the issues with the poker run and I give full credit to my team and all those who attended in raising the $13,000 ; A special thank you to Rich the Lube guy; and congratulations to Robey’s pub for signing up the most participants; and thank you to all of the Poker Stops for taking such good care of all of the riders; and thank you for all of the auction items it was greatly appreciated; and I would also like to thank a couple of individuals who actually bought Michele and I some items from the auction it was very heartwarming to receive those gifts


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