Flickinger Legal Group

Flickinger Legal Group, LLC is proud to announce their association with Onyx Tactical Training and Hard A.S.S. Machine Gun Rental. At Onyx, you can obtain your concealed carry permit from NRA certified trainers. Experience the Onyx difference. Smaller class size, individualized instruction, longer range time, and their willingness to work individually with you after the classes are over to make sure you are 100% comfortable with your firearm is their commitment to you. They provide firearms, eye, and hearing protection. Onyx also provides training after your CHL which includes Shooting Competitions, Advance Tactical Training, Family Firearm Training, Free Youth Training, Girls Day Out, and NRA Based CHL. Onyx is dedicated to the instruction of skills, knowledge, and responsibility to those who live accordingly to the Second Amendment. Their goal is to give specialized instruction to those who desire a strong degree of competency when using a firearm.

While obtaining your concealed carry license is serious business, as is all firearm training, at Onyx you can also experience the ultimate exhilaration and fun of firing a machine gun. Onyx offers machine gun rental packages for corporate outings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, date nights, and all kinds of other events. If you have never experienced the exhilaration of firing a fully automatic machine gun, you must contact Onyx immediately for that opportunity! You will not be disappointed.

Not only does Onyx offer firearm training, but they also offer obedience training for German Shepherds starting at twelve weeks of age. They will help you to manage your dog and coach you as its master to continue its training.

I am extremely proud to have my good friend, Kevin Lee, and his team of experienced trainers participating in our bike events. Whether it is hand guns, long guns, or machine guns, Onyx is a place for you to both learn and enjoy the art of shooting.