Motorcycle accident attorney

The Flickinger Legal Group, LLC is a personal injury law firm that resides at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. We are dedicated to helping you with your dog bite, car accident, or slip and fall injury. We are also bikers ourselves, and thus are proud to serve the motorcycle community as motorcycle accident attorneys

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We sponsor several bike nights in and around Central, Ohio. We are bikers ourselves, and thus heavily involved in the biker community as motorcycle accident lawyers.


motorcycle accident attorney
motorcycle accident attorney

The main thing to remember about a wrongful death case is that there is a statute. A specific statute that provides all the details for bringing that wrongful death claim in the State of Ohio. I hope that you never have to call me for a wrongful death claim. But if you do rest assured that we know how to handle these claims and I have handled this numerous times in the past. Feel free to give us a call (614) 944-5055 we will be more than happy to meet with you at your home or anywhere that will make it convenient for you and discuss this very difficult subject. Connect with us on Facebook and Youtube so that you can learn more about the Flickinger Legal Group.