How do personal injury cases work? In order to have a valid case you need three things.

1. The other person or the other driver, they’ve got to be at fault. They’ve had to have caused the accident.
2. You’ve got to be injured due to their negligent conduct.
3. There has to be insurance.

Primarily, there are three main things you are entitled to recover. You’re entitled to recover payment for your medical bills and payment for wages that you may have lost. To get your payment for your lost wages, you usually need to show two things. First, your treating physician needs to take you off work. They need to tell you that, “hey, don’t think it’s a good idea for you to work with this injury. You need to take some time off.” Second, you need to go to your employer and ask them for a letter that will detail the amount of wages you lost. Let’s say you come into the office, we review, looks like you’ve got a case, you have damages, there’s insurance, then what happens? Normally, the first thing we need is an accident report or an investigation, something that will tell us who the at-fault party is, so that we can contact their insurance company and notify them that we are representing you. Second thing we do is make sure that we order all of your medical expenses and all of your medical records. Typically you will go to an emergency room and then need treatment after.

When you’re done treating, we will get copies of all those bills and records. Once we have all that information, we’ll put it into a packet form and send it off to the insurance company and begin the negotiation process.
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