Flickinger Legal Group, LLC began a process last year of locating the premier bike builder in the United States to build a FLG themed motorcycle. We searched high and low across the country, reviewing the work of numerous builders, both famous and unknown. I must admit that it came as quite a surprise when we found the best candidate here in our own backyard. FLG has teamed with Evil Iron Customs for the building and development of a FLG themed motorcycle. After looking at the work of builders across the country, Evil Iron Customs’ attention to detail, color, theme, and aggressive stance was outstanding. They understood that we not only wanted a bike that was innovative and amazing in features, but one that was second to none in performance. Their professionalism, talent, and innovative style is truly amazing. On March 17 the 2017 FLG bike was unveiled.

This past weekend, The FLG bike was displayed at the Piston Power Show in Cleveland, Ohio. The bike took home the Duck Award. The award is specifically for new bikes never shown before. It will go to many more shows before the end of the year with the Evil Iron Custom’s crew!

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