#Hit and #runs. No one wants it to happen, but what do you do when it does? The #DMV lays out some tips on their website. First, they define a hit and run as when someone hits you and drives off, or when someone hits your parked car and does not leave a note. The most important part about a hit and run is that you stay #calm and collect as much information as possible. If someone hits you and drives away you should obtain the #make, #model, and #license plate of the car that hit you. Also, find any and all witnesses. If someone saw the accident, ask for their their name and contact information. Make sure to file a police report; do not chase the driver, because this could cause you to drive with haste and endanger yourself. Lastly, record the time, date, and location of the accident, and document all #damages with photographs. In the event that someone hits your car while it is unattended, record the time, date and damage to the vehicle with photographs. If you are involved in a hit and run accident, call the Flickinger Legal Group, LLC today to speak with Russell Flickinger or Justin Flickinger about your free consultation at 614-944-5055.

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Tips for Filing a Hit & Run Claim | DMV.org

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