Let’s talk a little bit about property damage.  One of the most difficult things that we help with should be the easiest thing and that’s property damage.  Should be pretty simple, your car is damage take it to where you want to.  They repair it, insurance company pays for it.  Unfortunately, it is not that easy.  Your car is damaged.  The insurance company will send someone out to give you an estimate.  A lot of times that estimate isn’t going to be sufficient to get that car repaired.  So you take your vehicle to the local body shop.  The guy at the buddy shop calls the insurance company.  Tells them he can’t repair it for that amount and then the insurance company usually will say tough.  Now some situations they are able to work out a compromise.  Other times they aren’t, makes it extremely difficult.  What about a situation where your car is a total loss?  You got an older vehicle, vehicles worth a lot to you.  Unfortunately, the value of that vehicle is never going to fully compensate you for what you have lost.  Now, how do insurance companies determine the value of vehicle?  Well, they all sued some different types of system.  Most, we use one or two organizations that actually go out and find comparitables as far as what your vehicles worth.  One is called Auto source and others called CCC.  They will provide an evaluation and send you a big pocket and it will give you exactly what they think the value of your vehicle is.  They also will deduct if they think there is any prior damage.  They will also deduct for betterment in some situations.  The bottom line is very rarely is the amount that you think you are entitled to.  It’s difficult to get them to increase.  If they won’t increase that amount, you stuck filing a law suit.  If you file a law suit it could take you a year or two years to resolve that matter on a $3,000 car.  Bottom line is if you have a damage issue with your personal injury case, we will be happy to help you with it.  It’s pretty difficult in come situations.  A lot of times you may have to go out and get an independent appraisal on your vehicles to determine the value and even with that independent appraisal, it still makes it difficult to get the insurance company to fully compensate you for the value of that vehicle.  You are also entitled to a rental car.  During the time period that your vehicle is being fixed or a rental car during the time period that it gets you to get the check and get the money from the insurance company for that vehicle which has rendered a total lost.  They should also pay you for your towing and they should also pay you for reasonable storage charges.  One thing to keep in mind is a doctrine referred to as mitigation of damages and what that means is that you have an obligation to make sure you keep your damages to a minimum.  So if your car is in storage you need to make sure that you get that vehicle out so it doesn’t incur additional storage charges or if you are on a rental car you can’t keep running that car for months and months and months and expect them to pay it.  You got to keep your damages to a minimum.  If you find yourself in a situation like this, give us a call.  We will be happy to sit down and talk to you.  Everyone of these cases are specifically different due to the fact of the damage to the car, the year of the car, the make of the car, the model of the car, all of that plays in to exactly what you are entitled.  But give us a call – free consultation.  We will be happy to discuss with you and see if there is anything we could do to help you.  Thank you.


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