Do you hate getting stuck in traffic? Well, Gov Kasich is asking the Ohio Legislature to push through legislation allowing variable speed limits that would change based on how heavy the traffic is. In Columbus it would effect I-670 between N. 3th St. and Exit 5. According to the American Highway Users Alliance, the 1.7-mile stretch accounts for 293,000 hours of delay each year. If passed, the new law could take effect as early as summer 2018 on I-670 in Columbus and it could expand if successful. The measure has officially passed the House according to the Dayton Daily News, and it now heads to the state Senate.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see this happen?
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Variable Speed Limits for I-670?

Gov. Kasich has been a transportation kick lately — from his fixation with autonomous vehicles, to setting up a smart corridor for robot trucks, he is really in the mix. So it should come as no surprise he is willing to test variable speed limits on heavy traffic interstate, I-670. Kasich is…


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